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James drabble 

You were on your way home after a long day of work. Tired from filing your boss’ paperwork and from all the office gossip.

“Finally I can go home and rest.” you sighed.

You opened the door and you saw a strange sight. Your boyfriend was on the couch sleeping. You quietly put your purse on the table and tiptoed towards him.

This is strange… he must have been let off early.

You stare at him… you were enjoying seeing him sleeping. He rarely got any of it for the past month. He looked so innocent and you loved the way his rosy cheeks looked and how his brown hair was placed and how his eyebrows were furrowed. Watching him sleep made you feel relaxed and sleepier than you already were but you didn’t want to stop staring at him.

You layed down next to him trying your best to not wake him up. His arm dropped over you and you felt his hot sigh on your neck.

Did I wake him up?

You looked up and saw that his eyes were still closed and his face had the same expression. You smiled, you looked at him closer and it made you love him even more. His peaceful face was really something.

You closed your eyes and tried to drift off into sleep…

Finally some peace and quiet-

Your thoughts interrupted by a noise coming from above you. It was a snore, you looked up at James peaceful face and another snore came out.

Oh my god… he snores?

You giggled. Could he get any more adorable? You thought. You pinched his nose and waited for a response. His peaceful face changed to a disturbed expression til he woke up and looked down.

“Oh hey there!” he said “What are you doing?”

“Hey! I was just trying to sleep.” You answered

He kissed your forehead “Trying? It seemed more like you were messing with me while I slept.” He laughed

“That was only because you were snoring into my ear.”

His cheeks turned redder “I-I don’t snore!”

“Haha! It’s alright, I find it adorable!” You said as you kissed him.

“But I don’t!” he replied with a flustered tone.

“Whatever, honey. Let’s just go back to sleep.”

You turned towards him and snuggled into his chest. His warmth and his heart beats lulled you to sleep.

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